Saturday, December 4, 2010


Goals for the week:
Study and do well on all exams.
Turn in my "grammar quizzes" and essay revisions.
Finish the sewing my Christmas gift projects
clean room
clean car
go home

Goals for the next year:
Get into to the College of Design for Architecture at the University of Florida.
Get a job.
If I get into UF, finally sign up to be a "Big Sister" for Big Brother Big Sister, since I can guarantee I will be here for at least one year.
Volunteer more in general.
Continue to eat healthy and work out more ( a lot more) and get my jean size down to a single digit. (I currently wear between 12 and 14 depending on the brand)
Improve my sewing skills.
Improve my crochet skills. or learn to knit.

Goals for the next 10 years:
Get my undergrad degree at UF for Architecture. Get my masters somewhere up north. Preferably University of Cincinnati or anywhere in New England.
Get a career.
Be married.

Goals for life:
Have a wonderful married life with 2-4 kids.
If we can afford it, foster or adopt a child.
Turn at least one beautiful, run-down/trashed building into something new.
Open up a small store and sell only handmade items. Open it up to local artists and writers to sell their things also.
travel the world
Make a difference.
Be happy.

What are your goals?

Have an enchanting day!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

dream home

I hope to at one point in my life live in a city loft or row house. Other than that, these are some of my favorite things:

How enchanting is this place? It looks straight from Nanny McPhee.

I love how these ones (above and below) are a cross between Victorian and modern.

The view! Riverside property with a riverside sidewalk to jog on, and it looks like a rooftop deck. I believe this is in the Pearl District.

All the details on this place! (which are kind of difficult to see) A lovely corner, multilevel, massive, homey Victorian.

an office for two, its cute (and from Ballard Designs!)

a city loft! a brick wall! steel & wood kitchen!

a book room. the chair, table, chandelier. and purple

bbiiiiiggg kitchen. tons of room for friends&family to hang out

entry way for a family

entry for me =)

an attic room! I think these are so cool. this one is super cute

Have an enchanting day!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what's in my bag?

This is one of my main purses/my schoolbag. Not exactly my style(the studs) but it is large enough to shove my school books in which is why I got it. and it has a really sturdy bottom so I feel fine with it on the floor and such. (not to be confused that is a "whats in my schoolbag?" thing. I switch most of this stuff to my other bags when I used them.

The pile

Now lets do this
1. 3 things of Stride spearmint gum. THREE. really Katelynn? how did that happen.
2. 2 pens(cannot believe that is all) 2 pencils(I never use these) a highlighter(oh I do have one) and a double ended sharpie. total of 6 writing utensils.
3. gum wrapper trash and a piece of Haskell graphing paper (Haskell is a Design-Build company)
4. 2 recently sprayed (on both sides) scent card tester things. and my ticket stub from seeing HP7 again, but in IMAX this time, on Thanksgiving. I still cannot believe I spent $14. I love HP...but that was stupid of me to do. zero thought process there.
5. usb cord
6. a nickel
7. two Burts Bees chapsticks and Revlon lipstick in soft nude
8. compact mirror. I never use that.. I actually bought it back in high school because it was in the dollar section somewhere and about once a day someone would ask me if I had a mirror they could borrow.
9. Gold Bond hand lotion / sanitizer
10. deodorant
11. water. I always have water
12. my camera case
13. This Old House magazine
14. my wallet. I love this thing
15. $1.50 gloves
16. two scrunchies

I am now wondering where my bath&body works hand sanitizer is....

aaaaa I want it to be December 11th. I will be 100% finished with this semester.
I want to be baking. and watching Christmas movies. OH that reminds me, I made a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs :

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Have an enchanting night!

Monday, November 29, 2010


so I definitely failed this whole 30 day blog challenge thing. It started with my not having internet and then I got used to not posting and just kept forgetting. School is crazy write now, technically next week is finals week, but I have so much due this week.
1 essay due Wednesday for 1102
4 online reading activities & a 4-6 page essay due Friday for Multicultural Communications
Physics and Art History 2 final next Monday
1102 final next Wednesday and essay revisions/corrections for that class to be submitted no later than 12/10.
and the whole MUSE thing. 12/9 is the next museum night so I have to prepare for that
& working on making Christmas gifts

It does not sound like a lot but it is. All of this is in the next11 days. and then I am free for Christmas!!!!

To get back on track with the challenge I am going to skip down to my Christmas Wishlist to keep it light and easy (and because I once again have misplaced my camera)
This year I do not really care to get that much. I want a lot, but I can live without it all too. (same way I was last year)

-The main thing I want is a black (or gray) peacoat. I have a long green one and a navy one (which I bought myself back in high school) & I want a classy one that goes with everything.
Other than that I gave my parents my Amazon wishlist which has been a note to self for years, it is just easier to give them that. On there the main things I hope to recieve:
- Architecture books
-Interior Design books
(each above is a long list of many I would be happy to receive)
-Lost final season
- Lost season 1
-The Audrey Hepburn Treasures
-Lost Encyclopedia
-Printing by Hand
and I would be so stoked to get the Urban Decay Naked palette, however I doubt I will and completely understand because it is always sold out.
I must now sleep.
Have an enchanting day/night!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

memory lane

You have to watch this trailer!!!

A new Winne the Pooh movie!! I WILL be seeing this in theaters.
That trailer just made me tear up
one of my favorite memories from elementary school was getting the library pass and walking to the library ALONE and picking out one of the Winne the Pooh chapter books. I wish I could find those to buy. they were not typical picture story books, they were hardback and rectangle. I loved sitting in that corner reading them, it was my "me time" as a 7 year old at school.

dream wedding

Today I have a MUSE meeting at the museum. I am not at all prepared.
Tonight is HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!! Midnight premiere with my roommates!!!! I am so excited, I cannot believe today is the day!!!!!

30 Day blog Challenge Day 10 : dream wedding

oh dear.
what did I get myself into.

My dream wedding would be to my dream man. That is what matters most on that big day. I have yet to find him.

So far this is how I see it, though it could very well change by the time I get there. which sadly will not be for another 5 to 10 years. I pray no longer. I hope I do not turn out to be one of those single thirty year olds that so many novels and movies are about these days.

Dress: lace. lots of lace. that is really the only vision I have there... so it will get worked out when I have a ring on my finger and am officially shopping for one.
Month: late September/ Early October (autumn is my favorite)
Colors: probably a shade of purple.

Everything else I kind of got from this website a friend of mine told me about. it is
My favorites:

I like the idea of a "photo booth" area that has a piece of fabric hung and maybe some cute props set around (like above and below)

in addition to this being a photo booth, I also would like to have photos taken outside around trees with the bridal party. they look so artsy and make much better photos than stiff ones inside the church.

how cute are these grooms in vests?! I love wool vests.

I like these centerpieces.

paper cranes hanging around, so cute. It would be cool if I send a piece of paper each of the invitations and ask everyone to mail back a folded paper crane with a wish written in it

desert table! screw just a cake, I want a whole table of lovely deserts. desert is my favorite. I am a very healthy eater when it comes to main meals, however I LOVE DESERT. This seems to be a common thing on greenweddingshoes

I like this table with old photos from weddings in their family, all in vintagy frames. It would be a nice table just to have for guests to stop at and adore.

an awesome guest sign in that I would actually keep and look at. if you cannot tell what exactly it is, I would paint a bare tree on white paper and have a couple different ink pads set out, and the guests will make a fingerprint on the tree (like a LEAF!) and sign their name in it. I would frame this and hang it on my wall and just adore it forever.

I also think it would be cool for the groomsmen to all wear Toms. & gray suits( I think the gray and purple will look great next to each other). no tuxes with tails, not an attractive cut. I might wear toms. Though my girls will probably not.
I also like the idea of the bridesmaids all wearing different dresses, just in the color/style scheme. & the dresses be something that looks like it is from (if it is not) modcloth or anthropologie. I want them to be dresses that they WILL wear again. No one wears traditional bridesmaids dresses again.
I like the look of outdoor weddings, however weather is so unpredictable. That is only a good idea if you live in California. I would most definitely have an outdoor wedding there.
I want it the decor to include mostly handmade items. I want people to come to wedding and just be in awe of how it looks like me and my groom, has personality. I do not want it to look like a typical traditional wedding in which the main decor is flowers.

I hope the time in which I am planning my wedding is as calm as it can be, no freaking out about little details that in the long run do not matter. I want it to be fun, lots of good memories.

have an enchanting day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gatsby & Day 9

I just read last night that there is going to be a remake of The Great Gatsby!! Ever since I have been in such a jazz age mood (yeah, its a mood) and I want to break out my copy of The Great Gatsby.

I want this publication!!!!!!!!!!!! A new hunt, now every time I see a used bookstore, I will go in searching for this.

30 day challenge
Day 9 : favorite places to eat

Well my favorite type of food is Italian. Unfortunately Italian restaurants are super expensive so I rarely eat at them, and prefer home cooked Italian over the places I have ate at (especially over Olive Garden. yuck.) soo... my # 1 favorite place to eat is home.

2nd favorite is Chick-fil-A. Best fast food chicken & amazing milkshakes!

3th favorite is Panera. My favorite from there is the tomato soup. & asiago bread.

4th is a tie between Subway & Firehouse.

5th is Chinese, which is really limited to just my love for sweet & sour chicken with white rice. I like most Chinese take out places.

I really want to try more local places, especially since I live in a college town there are a lot of unique restaurants, however I am poor & really do not eat out unless I go home for the weekend.

Have an enchanting evening!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 8 : magazines

Magazines! I love magazines!

They ones I read every issue of:
Marie Claire
Real Simple

I recently picked up the fall issue of The Nest & I think it is really neat. it is supposed to be a couples magazine, made by the same people who make The Knot, but it has a lot of fun tips for homes & such, which is my favorite.

Occasionally I will pick up Nylon, BOHO, Bust, Elle Decor, or Dwell.

My all time favorite magazine is Domino, however it was canceled a couple years ago, I was devastated. It needs to come back.
I also wish they would bring back Blueprint, which was extremely similar to Domino (except domino was better!) and it was canceled a little bit before Domino. I feel like they canceled each other out or something. It makes me sad.

A tip for those who read a lot of magazines like me but do not want to throw them away:
buy clear sheet protectors and binders and go through your magazines and rip out pages you want to keep (& the cover too). I currently have 5 binders, 1 each for interior design, fashion, tips from Real Simple, recipes, and travel. I need more binders because my interior design & fashion ones are too full. I do keep a couple full issues in tact, September issues mainly, & all the Domino issues that I had not torn up before they went under (about 10)

have an enchanting day!

Monday, November 15, 2010

day 7 : fun commercials

Okay, I made this one up, only because I actually have commercials I love to watch.

Viewers discretion: some of the following ads pull at your heart and send chills down the spine


Macy's 150th

Liberty Mutual : Helping Hand
(this has 2 in 1)

This one is not a commercial for a product, but a promo for the 5th season of my favorite show Lost

I am off to school now. Registered for spring at midnight
MW I have 3D Design and Drawing 2 from 1:00-4:40
TH I have Tech Comm and Stagecraft from 9:30-12:15
& Statistics online. No more 8 am class!! or Friday!

Have an enchanted day!

Sunday, November 14, 2010



if you scroll to the bottom of my page there is a nice little (long) playlist of some (a lot) of my favorite songs

I thought about putting it on autoplay, but I know how I hate it when I go to a webpage that has music playing and it takes me forever to find where and how to stop it. so I chose not to do that to the few sweet people who take time to read my rambly & typo-filled blog

so yeah, you should listen to it. pretty awesome stuff


day 6 : books

Now, this should be my favorite blog post yet, but if you have not figured it out yet, I am 1. indecisive. & 2. have many favorites (or none.ha)

I can tell you that my favorite series from 2nd-5th grade was the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingles Wilder. And from 6th-8th grade was the Fearless series by Francine Pascal. Then 8th-9th grade my favorite book was I Can't Tell You by Hilary Frank. & Harry Potter is another favorite series, though I am sad to say that I did not start reading them until my sophomore year in high school. I was so afraid to ruin the movies once they started coming out! I have read them all now. Then junior/senior year my favorite book was The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffeneger (I am sure most of you have read it) I suppose that is still my favorite, it had just been awhile since I read it.
One of my favorite authors is Henry Rollins, he writes short stories, my favorite is "124 Worlds" from Black Coffee Blues.
I also enjoy Dawn Powell & Jane Austen.

Currently I am reading (do not make fun of me for this) Hunt (#5 of the House of Night series) by P.C. & Kristin Cast. My roommate owns the first four books of the series, I thought the first two were lame, but it was so easy to read, a true guilty pleasure, so I kept reading, and the 4th became really interesting and when it ended I had to buy the 5th because it was left on sort of a cliffhanger. I only have about a chapter left of this. This series is basically Harry Potter but with vampires. & the main character is "accidentally" a slut. So if you want an easy to read, guilty pleasure, I would recommend this. It is even really cheap since it is a teen novel! I got mine from target for 7.99!

I am also reading I Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families: Stories from Rwanda by Philip Gourevitch. It is a book for a class, though I am glad I am reading it, as gruesome as it is. I definitely recommend this. An eye opener.

do you have recommendations for me? I like a variety, so just through your favorites at me please.

have an enchanting day!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

day 5 : favorite quote and some pumpkin

well... I suppose I could say my favorite quote is --

"The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before." - Albert Einstein

-- partly because it is the only quote I have on my facebook page. ha. I like this quote because I feel like it pertains to me a lot. this is good and bad. Good because I have discovered a lot about myself being alone. they say who you are when you are alone is the person you truly are (as opposed to how you act around others) and I love who I am when I am alone. One thing I love to do since I have moved away from home and gotten a driver's license is to take scenic routes and "wrong" turns just to see what is there. (I do not do this at night) From this I have found some great stores and houses and beautiful parts of town I would have otherwise never seen.
This quote is a bad thing because I walk alone a lot. I am a loner that way.
I look forward to the day when I am not.

& for my picture of the day, a photo of some tasty pumpkin bars I baked this evening. I got the recipe from

Have an enchanted evening!!

&(not to confuse you but...) GO GATORS!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

day 4: a song that matches my mood today

The Christmas Song : Nat King Cole

I am in a big Christmastime mood today.
If I were rich I would have spent thousands of dollars today on decoration and donations, baking and craft books.
I love the smell of Christmas.
The decorations.
The spirit.
& the person whose birthday is being celebrated :)

I seemed to have misplaced my camera, so instead I give you this awkwardly taken photo from my webcam, which shows my participation in "To Write Love On Her Arms Day"
originally there was only one "love" on my arm but I had to rewrite it to get a picture without looking like I am from the Grudge.

Have an enchanted night!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 3 : favorite movies

This is a difficult one for me, I have not been able to name a favorite movie since I was 15. The first favorite movie memory I have is of Andre. I still love Andre. & Homeward Bound, I would go back and forth on those. Then Parent Trap came out in 98 and that was my favorite movie until How to Deal came out in 03.

And now all I can do is list a bunch of movies. (in addition to still watching and loving the movies listed above)I suppose if I could pick only.. 2, it would be The Family Stone and Funny Face. After that I cannot choose.

The Family Stone is one of those movies that I watch all the time and never get sick of it. It is also my mom's favorite movie. Ever since I was little her and I, one of our mother-daughter times is watching movies. & The Family Stone became one of those movies that we pick to watch 1/3 of the time. something about it.. I cannot even say because I do not know.

Funny Face! Oh Audrey Hepburn. I love your sunny funny face. Paris! Fashion! Books! Music! Think Pink! My favorite Audrey movie. It make me happy. I do not know what else to say.

a list of my other favorites (in no particular order)
The Devil Wears Prada
The September Issue
The Jane Austen Book Club
Stranger than Fiction
The Dark Knight
Harry Potter (all)
Love Actually
The Holiday
Garden State
(500) Days of Summer
Mona Lisa Smile
Forest Gump
Back to the Future
The Santa Claus
Miracle on 34th Street
Home Alone 1,2 &3
Spider-Man 1&2
Paris, Je T'aime
Love Me if you Dare
La Vie en Rose
Peter Pan
101 Dalmations
You've Got Mail
A Star is Born

Visually (meaning the style of clothes and houses), I like movies like The Young Victoria, The Duchesss, Bright Star, An Education, The Notebook, Pearl Harbor, Penelope, Becoming Jane, Marie Antoinette, etc... I like these movies but I usually find myself watching them to be inspired.

....I should stop.

What is your favorite movie? any not well known movies I should watch?

Have an enchanted day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 2 - favorite television shows

Okay, this is going to be nothing new to anyone probably, no special, never heard of shows.... but this is what I watch(ed)

& yes, I watch a LOT of primetime television, it is kind of... embarrassing.

To start, my two all time favorites are Lost and Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls has been apart of my life since I was 9 years old, and even though it ended in 2007, I still watch an episode almost everyday, either if I am home when it is on ABC Family, or I will play it when I am getting ready for my day, or I fall asleep to it (like a lullaby, it soothes that weird?) I learned so much from Gilmore Girls about life, and pop culture and actually a LOT that helped me in school. Most people if they sit down & watch an episode, whether they admit it or not, really enjoy it because of the pop culture references. It is so witty. & they talk so fast! It is a lot of dialogue, do not quote me on it but I remember on one of their "extra" special feature things they said that their scripts are about 80 pages, while most other 1 hour dramas are about 60 pages.

Lost! Oh life without new Lost episodes, a fresh wound.
I love Lost... so much. The whole series, the story lines, the conflicts, the consistency! I love when I watch old episodes and catch all these signals and foreshadows for incidents seasons later. I love the characters, I could not say who my favorite is.. I never really chose, it is an episode to episode thing. AND I loved the finale. A lot of people are not happy with it, but I think it is genius, watching it and figuring out what was happening and the ...meaning of it, .. it is one of my favorite memories. As odd as that is. bittersweet goodbye. more sweet though.


Sundays I usually watch Extreme Home Makeover. I would love to be a part of that show.

Mondays I watch How I Met Your Mother & Gossip Girl
I just got into How I Met Your Mother a couple months ago and since it is a sitcom I caught up really fast. It is an entertaining show with a lot of surprisingly useful life tips.
& Gossip Girl... a guilty pleasure. I could live without it, it is just..gossip. and fashion. for those who do watch it, I root for Team Dan & Serena, & Team Chuck & Blair. I despise Jenny, I do not care if "the eastside changed her," a good person would not change. Same goes with Vanessa.

Tuesday I watch Glee & Life Unexpected.
More guilty pleasures.
Glee is just.... well if you watch it you know, it is Glee. A 1 hour musical sitcom. A lot of it is not to be taken seriously(as in the acting), it is meant to be cheesy & a little odd, watch an interview. It brightens my day.
Life Unexpected... entertainment. Girl was put up for adoption as a baby, never got adopted, finds biological parents at 16 and they all become a slightly dysfunctional family. I am loving the Lux story line right now. & Base.

Thursdays I watch The Vampire Diaries & Grey's Anatomy. I did watch Project Runway, but that season ended.
The Vampire Diaries.... hands down better than Twilight if you want to compare vampire media. Nina Dobrev is playing TWO personalities and Kristen Stewart does not have ONE. I think Damon should be with Elena(my heart aches a little during every episode this season..poor guy) & Stephan should be with Katherine. (I am sure this reference goes further back, but it is the one for my age group) It is the Dawson's Creek theory, the bad guy gets the good girl bc that is the only girl he will ever truly love because his heart is damaged, however the good guy can find someone else. true story.
Grey's Anatomy... How amazing was the finale of last season? i actually stopped watching Grey's Anatomy until a week before the finale and my mom and I spend a lot of time catching up online. I got her into the show from that & the reruns on lifetime.

and... that is all?.. I guess so. I am very upset that Heroes was canceled. & Flashforward was supposed to fill that hole that Lost left me, and then it was canceled!!! WHYYYY.. Well, because it had a crappy timeslot. If it had V's timeslot it would have gotton much better ratings because most people who watched Lost would have watched Flashforward after, but nooo. & for that reason I am anti-V. It is a decent show, but it took Flashforward away...
I sound like a bitter person. I promise I am not. I am a sweet person.

Oh! and I WAS a huge One Tree Hill fan, but I do not watch in anymore. seasons 1-6, excellent. Then they had to take away the epic couple of all current television and ruined it for me.
A couple other canceled shows I own on dvd include Tru Calling and Joan of Arcadia. girly supernatural shows.

& Carrie Underwood's purple dress she is wearing right now on CMA's is GORGEOUS. One for the books.

That is all for now.

Do you have any suggestions?

Have an enchanted evening!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1: photo of myself and 15 facts

okay I am aware of the dorky myspace style of the photo, though it is the most recently one taken. I took this photo at my apartment after I was finished getting ready and waiting to go to a local museum event.

15 facts
1. I am 19, I will be 20 January 30th (less than 3 months!)
2. I am a 2nd-year college student. I basically go to community college, though it is one of them that "community" out of the title because they offer a lot of bachelor degrees now, just not mine, so I will be transferring next summer. I am on the border of architecture and interior design as my major. Cannot choose but it is an ok place to be since the 1st year of each is basically the same so I have time to decide.
3. I was working for said mentioned museum event above. I volunteer with other college students to plan activities and such to make the museum events more entertaining.
4. I live just a little over an hour away from home and visit more than any college student who does not live at home. I love my family.
5. I have one sibling, a 21 year old brother & he is one of my best friends. We are also the only people I know who still love to hang out with their married, biological, parents and are not at all embarrassed to walk around the mall with them.
6. I am unemployed and hating the lack of money. Praying I get hired somewhere for at least the holiday season
7. Speaking of holiday season, I love this time of year! It is my FAVORITE! November 1st-January 1st = the best. I love autumn and leaves changing and pumpkin everything, and Thanksgiving, and I love Christmas and the weeks leading up to it and my home during Christmastime and winter and the new year.
8. I am a Christian but I do not go to church. I have been so turn off from church, however, I wish I could find a place a like and call the people there family.
9. I am really bad at answering my phone calls and texts. half the time my phone is in a different room than me and I will not see things until hours after. Part of it is to blame on my phone because sometimes it will not ring or vibrate or anything but then I get notification of a missed call and voicemail. I keep meaning to talk to my provider about that but then it works again so I never have.....
10. If I get an idea for my future wedding/house/baby room/name, I will write it down.
11. I love going into Borders and Barnes&Noble and spend hours writing down names of books I want and then later adding them to my ever growing amazon wishlist. My favorite "novel" section is the suggestions from employees, there are always books I have never heard of. & I love the architecture/interior design/craft/sewing section. To give you a picture : My amazon wishlist tally
68 Architecture/Interior Design books
99 CDS
23 Childrens books
21 cookbooks
42 Craft/Sewing books
31 Graphic Novels
74 Misc. "coffee table" books
131 Movies/TV on dvd
112 Novels (thats all?....huh)
No I did not just count those, I actually have them all divided up in categories like that, for purposes of when I actually have money it makes it easier to look.
I do buy books from actual bookstores when I really want it & have money or it is not cheaper on amazon.
12. I love coffee and tea but I get lazy about making it. Teavana is my favorite place for tea, no need to add sugar because it is so great on its own, at least what I get. & I am not that picky about coffee except I hate when it is so weak it taste like hot water. Right now I am loving my pumpkin creamer.
13. I wish to one day travel the world (who doesn't?) I was a navy brat for 14 years of my life, so I have seen a bit of the US and the border of Mexico, but I want to see so much more.
14. I love fashion and fashion magazines and Project Runway & ANTM & I only watched The Hills & The City for the fashion world part, & I embarrassingly watch those youtube "guru" girls. In that sense I am a girly girl.
15. I have an etsy shop but I am really bad at being consistent with it. I sort of stopped for the same reasons I stopped blogging, I just feel that I am not original enough. Everything in my shop is something I make because it is something I would wear, but I am sure there is something just like it out there, or similar. and while everything I say in my blog is my thoughts, I am aware that others thing and blog similar things, so what makes my shop and me special? I am working on that.

30 Day Blog Challenge

Okay, since I clearly have abandoned my blog, I have decided to get back into it by creating a habit of it with the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I have seen a couple people do this but just commit to 30 days of writing, well I need guidelines to stick to it so I Googled "30 Day Blog Challenge" and found a few different lists and have integrated them into my own picking out my favorites.

Day 1. a photo of yourself and 15 facts
2. favorite television shows
3. favorite movies
4. a song to match your mood today
5. favorite quote
6. favorite books
7. favorite commercials
8. favorite magazines
9. favorite place to eat
10. dream wedding
11. what's in your purse?
12. goals
13. dream house
14. meaning behind blog name
15. celebrity crush
16. Christmas wishlist (because it is that time of year)
17. pets
18. dream cities to live in
19. the last thing that made you cry
20. a recipe
21. favorite youtube videos
22. favorite art pieces
23. a website
24. a photo you took
25. places you want to travel to
26. celebrity styles you admire
27. something that stresses you out
28. dream jobs
29. what would you do if you won the lottery
30. three (selfish) wishes & three (selfless) wishes
31. (ok I made it 31) what did you learn on over the 30 days, plans for future blogging?

In addition to the blog topics I am going to try to challenge myself to commit to a photo a day (one that I took that day) to get my into the habit of pulling my camera out of my purse.

I challenge you to do the same.

Monday, May 17, 2010

We will wear compassion

I am going to take part in this "Music Monday" thing and introduce you to one of my favorite bands. Top 5, maybe #2, depends on what day you ask me.
The bad news, they broke up about a year ago to be with their families.

Their name,

As Cities Burn

This is a band that if you really listen to their songs, it can change your world. They are a Christian band, though they are not afraid in their songs to question life and their sins, and a lot of it is dark, but it is so inspiring at the same time. This band has brought me many amazing memories, and clarity when I needed it.

check it out.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones did not have this available so I HAD to get it off youtube, a must hear

(by the way there is another playlist at very bottom of page with some of my favorites)

Have an enchanting day!

Five days until my cousin's wedding! Very busy week.