Thursday, December 2, 2010

dream home

I hope to at one point in my life live in a city loft or row house. Other than that, these are some of my favorite things:

How enchanting is this place? It looks straight from Nanny McPhee.

I love how these ones (above and below) are a cross between Victorian and modern.

The view! Riverside property with a riverside sidewalk to jog on, and it looks like a rooftop deck. I believe this is in the Pearl District.

All the details on this place! (which are kind of difficult to see) A lovely corner, multilevel, massive, homey Victorian.

an office for two, its cute (and from Ballard Designs!)

a city loft! a brick wall! steel & wood kitchen!

a book room. the chair, table, chandelier. and purple

bbiiiiiggg kitchen. tons of room for friends&family to hang out

entry way for a family

entry for me =)

an attic room! I think these are so cool. this one is super cute

Have an enchanting day!

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