Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Recent life

I made this banner about a year ago. It was used for a Spring Arts Festival booth but has been stored away since then. I finally took it and gave it a proper home.

Dusted off the old sewing machine today. I had a few things I needed to fix, and then when I wen to start a new project I was reminded why the sewing machine turned into a dust collector in the first place: I need new fabric scissors.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world - Romans 12:2
Newish hoodie from Live to Love apparel. Bought it during an after Christmas sale.

My birthday is January 30th and I am very excited. I am also taking full advantage of free premium access on Picnik. =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blog find / Enter her giveway

So I just found this great beauty blog called Massachusetts Masks via other blogs I follow advertising her Back to School beauty giveaway. She is offer some great products, including Sigma brushes, Physicians Formula powders, B&BW products, and more.

I went through her older posts too and she has a lot of beauty product reviews which I LOVE! I will definitely continue to read this blog for reviews, you should check it out and enter her giveaway too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vague Rhetorical Rant

Some drama only belongs in books and film. Yet others love acting it out in real life.

Dedicated to all masochist, but inspired by one.

Why do people insist on continually hurting themselves? Doing things and then looking at me with a puppy dog face, dragging your tail, starting converstations with, "Don't judge me for this but..." and then go out that night under the same "good" intentions, knowing they are probably going to regret it. If not regret, at least not want to tell me because they do not like admitting they are wrong.

Maybe this is why I have been single my 20 years...because I hate the drama. Sure I used to be all "dramatic" about an old crush, but I grew up, got over the pain of the "drama"(lack of really), and know better.

Why do others insist on repeatedly making the same mistakes on a whole new level pain? They say it is for this or that. They say it just happens. They say the other person is wrong. They do not think they are doing anything wrong.

We can all lie to ourselves all we want, but the people who love us always see through it.

And my beliefs may seem worthless to some because they also come from the Bible, but even not including the Bible, those beliefs still matter, otherwise people would not feel so bad talking to me. (I mean, seriously, I do not even go to church. at least not on a regular basis. or even a real one. Not like anyone is talking to a Sister Mary Katelynn.)

Just stop.
Stop hurting your hearts.
Stop hurting your lungs.
And stop hurting your liver as an excuse.

P.S. by the title I mean no need to answer the question because I know the answers. I just needed to rant to the world/no one/myself/someone different than the usual.

And I am never judging anyone. I do not have the right. I only have concern and love to offer. Just love. Always love.

My Perfect Man

-Likes these bands (and similar ones) : As Cities Burn, Manchester Orchestra, Mumford & Sons, Brand New
and also has respect for other types of music, even if he does not own their cds
- can laugh with me when I sing songs from hit radio stations, or better yet, join!
-Reads novels
-Grew up loving Harry Potter
- Loves Lost or is willing to watch the series with me and becomes addicted
- Is in some way an artist
by musical instrument, painting/drawing/woodcrafting, writing, film related talent, etc...
(Or at least respects and finds art interesting)
-Would have fun going to museums and art shows with me
- likes tea and/or coffee. idk why...maybe so my pot of coffee or kettle of tea will not go to waste.
- wants to (or does) live in a city like Boston
-wants to travel the world

-likes autumn/winter
-Still a guys guy ( has friends, watches sports...)

- is a Christian. Does/will go to church (even though I currently do not on regular basis)

-Knows politics&current events but knows better than to talk about it too much resulting in arguments.

- Has a good job or is in college.

-Crafty (in a manly sense)
aka good with woodworking tools, carpentry, etc... be Mr Fix-it

-Does/will eat healthy(ish) I am not going to marry a guy who will die at 50 from a heart attack.
-Taller than me ( I am 5’6” so I am not askin much. 6’+ is hotter)
-Fits in with my family / can be good friends with my brother

-understands me

-humorous/goofy/fun. needs to make me laugh.
-nice/friendly but not naive. needs common sense

-loves meee ( will)

While some of these characteristics add up to “hipster,”(hate this label) he is in no way a douchey pretentious asshole to others who do not have his amount of knowledge, like hipsters often are

Really the only things that truly matter are the last 5 things. All others are if I could design my perfect man to a T, while there are even some things I left off the list. but I will strive for most of the list unless I turn into one of those pathetic 29 year olds in the books I read who freak out about being single at 30. sort of a worst nightmare. I pray I am married by 25 or at least in a serious long term relationship leading to marriage.

Some of my favorite songs(because it is sort of important) :

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