Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vague Rhetorical Rant

Some drama only belongs in books and film. Yet others love acting it out in real life.

Dedicated to all masochist, but inspired by one.

Why do people insist on continually hurting themselves? Doing things and then looking at me with a puppy dog face, dragging your tail, starting converstations with, "Don't judge me for this but..." and then go out that night under the same "good" intentions, knowing they are probably going to regret it. If not regret, at least not want to tell me because they do not like admitting they are wrong.

Maybe this is why I have been single my 20 years...because I hate the drama. Sure I used to be all "dramatic" about an old crush, but I grew up, got over the pain of the "drama"(lack of really), and know better.

Why do others insist on repeatedly making the same mistakes on a whole new level pain? They say it is for this or that. They say it just happens. They say the other person is wrong. They do not think they are doing anything wrong.

We can all lie to ourselves all we want, but the people who love us always see through it.

And my beliefs may seem worthless to some because they also come from the Bible, but even not including the Bible, those beliefs still matter, otherwise people would not feel so bad talking to me. (I mean, seriously, I do not even go to church. at least not on a regular basis. or even a real one. Not like anyone is talking to a Sister Mary Katelynn.)

Just stop.
Stop hurting your hearts.
Stop hurting your lungs.
And stop hurting your liver as an excuse.

P.S. by the title I mean no need to answer the question because I know the answers. I just needed to rant to the world/no one/myself/someone different than the usual.

And I am never judging anyone. I do not have the right. I only have concern and love to offer. Just love. Always love.

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