Wednesday, December 1, 2010

what's in my bag?

This is one of my main purses/my schoolbag. Not exactly my style(the studs) but it is large enough to shove my school books in which is why I got it. and it has a really sturdy bottom so I feel fine with it on the floor and such. (not to be confused that is a "whats in my schoolbag?" thing. I switch most of this stuff to my other bags when I used them.

The pile

Now lets do this
1. 3 things of Stride spearmint gum. THREE. really Katelynn? how did that happen.
2. 2 pens(cannot believe that is all) 2 pencils(I never use these) a highlighter(oh I do have one) and a double ended sharpie. total of 6 writing utensils.
3. gum wrapper trash and a piece of Haskell graphing paper (Haskell is a Design-Build company)
4. 2 recently sprayed (on both sides) scent card tester things. and my ticket stub from seeing HP7 again, but in IMAX this time, on Thanksgiving. I still cannot believe I spent $14. I love HP...but that was stupid of me to do. zero thought process there.
5. usb cord
6. a nickel
7. two Burts Bees chapsticks and Revlon lipstick in soft nude
8. compact mirror. I never use that.. I actually bought it back in high school because it was in the dollar section somewhere and about once a day someone would ask me if I had a mirror they could borrow.
9. Gold Bond hand lotion / sanitizer
10. deodorant
11. water. I always have water
12. my camera case
13. This Old House magazine
14. my wallet. I love this thing
15. $1.50 gloves
16. two scrunchies

I am now wondering where my bath&body works hand sanitizer is....

aaaaa I want it to be December 11th. I will be 100% finished with this semester.
I want to be baking. and watching Christmas movies. OH that reminds me, I made a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs :

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Have an enchanting night!

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