Monday, November 29, 2010


so I definitely failed this whole 30 day blog challenge thing. It started with my not having internet and then I got used to not posting and just kept forgetting. School is crazy write now, technically next week is finals week, but I have so much due this week.
1 essay due Wednesday for 1102
4 online reading activities & a 4-6 page essay due Friday for Multicultural Communications
Physics and Art History 2 final next Monday
1102 final next Wednesday and essay revisions/corrections for that class to be submitted no later than 12/10.
and the whole MUSE thing. 12/9 is the next museum night so I have to prepare for that
& working on making Christmas gifts

It does not sound like a lot but it is. All of this is in the next11 days. and then I am free for Christmas!!!!

To get back on track with the challenge I am going to skip down to my Christmas Wishlist to keep it light and easy (and because I once again have misplaced my camera)
This year I do not really care to get that much. I want a lot, but I can live without it all too. (same way I was last year)

-The main thing I want is a black (or gray) peacoat. I have a long green one and a navy one (which I bought myself back in high school) & I want a classy one that goes with everything.
Other than that I gave my parents my Amazon wishlist which has been a note to self for years, it is just easier to give them that. On there the main things I hope to recieve:
- Architecture books
-Interior Design books
(each above is a long list of many I would be happy to receive)
-Lost final season
- Lost season 1
-The Audrey Hepburn Treasures
-Lost Encyclopedia
-Printing by Hand
and I would be so stoked to get the Urban Decay Naked palette, however I doubt I will and completely understand because it is always sold out.
I must now sleep.
Have an enchanting day/night!

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