Thursday, November 18, 2010

dream wedding

Today I have a MUSE meeting at the museum. I am not at all prepared.
Tonight is HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!! Midnight premiere with my roommates!!!! I am so excited, I cannot believe today is the day!!!!!

30 Day blog Challenge Day 10 : dream wedding

oh dear.
what did I get myself into.

My dream wedding would be to my dream man. That is what matters most on that big day. I have yet to find him.

So far this is how I see it, though it could very well change by the time I get there. which sadly will not be for another 5 to 10 years. I pray no longer. I hope I do not turn out to be one of those single thirty year olds that so many novels and movies are about these days.

Dress: lace. lots of lace. that is really the only vision I have there... so it will get worked out when I have a ring on my finger and am officially shopping for one.
Month: late September/ Early October (autumn is my favorite)
Colors: probably a shade of purple.

Everything else I kind of got from this website a friend of mine told me about. it is
My favorites:

I like the idea of a "photo booth" area that has a piece of fabric hung and maybe some cute props set around (like above and below)

in addition to this being a photo booth, I also would like to have photos taken outside around trees with the bridal party. they look so artsy and make much better photos than stiff ones inside the church.

how cute are these grooms in vests?! I love wool vests.

I like these centerpieces.

paper cranes hanging around, so cute. It would be cool if I send a piece of paper each of the invitations and ask everyone to mail back a folded paper crane with a wish written in it

desert table! screw just a cake, I want a whole table of lovely deserts. desert is my favorite. I am a very healthy eater when it comes to main meals, however I LOVE DESERT. This seems to be a common thing on greenweddingshoes

I like this table with old photos from weddings in their family, all in vintagy frames. It would be a nice table just to have for guests to stop at and adore.

an awesome guest sign in that I would actually keep and look at. if you cannot tell what exactly it is, I would paint a bare tree on white paper and have a couple different ink pads set out, and the guests will make a fingerprint on the tree (like a LEAF!) and sign their name in it. I would frame this and hang it on my wall and just adore it forever.

I also think it would be cool for the groomsmen to all wear Toms. & gray suits( I think the gray and purple will look great next to each other). no tuxes with tails, not an attractive cut. I might wear toms. Though my girls will probably not.
I also like the idea of the bridesmaids all wearing different dresses, just in the color/style scheme. & the dresses be something that looks like it is from (if it is not) modcloth or anthropologie. I want them to be dresses that they WILL wear again. No one wears traditional bridesmaids dresses again.
I like the look of outdoor weddings, however weather is so unpredictable. That is only a good idea if you live in California. I would most definitely have an outdoor wedding there.
I want it the decor to include mostly handmade items. I want people to come to wedding and just be in awe of how it looks like me and my groom, has personality. I do not want it to look like a typical traditional wedding in which the main decor is flowers.

I hope the time in which I am planning my wedding is as calm as it can be, no freaking out about little details that in the long run do not matter. I want it to be fun, lots of good memories.

have an enchanting day!

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