Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 2 - favorite television shows

Okay, this is going to be nothing new to anyone probably, no special, never heard of shows.... but this is what I watch(ed)

& yes, I watch a LOT of primetime television, it is kind of... embarrassing.

To start, my two all time favorites are Lost and Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls has been apart of my life since I was 9 years old, and even though it ended in 2007, I still watch an episode almost everyday, either if I am home when it is on ABC Family, or I will play it when I am getting ready for my day, or I fall asleep to it (like a lullaby, it soothes that weird?) I learned so much from Gilmore Girls about life, and pop culture and actually a LOT that helped me in school. Most people if they sit down & watch an episode, whether they admit it or not, really enjoy it because of the pop culture references. It is so witty. & they talk so fast! It is a lot of dialogue, do not quote me on it but I remember on one of their "extra" special feature things they said that their scripts are about 80 pages, while most other 1 hour dramas are about 60 pages.

Lost! Oh life without new Lost episodes, a fresh wound.
I love Lost... so much. The whole series, the story lines, the conflicts, the consistency! I love when I watch old episodes and catch all these signals and foreshadows for incidents seasons later. I love the characters, I could not say who my favorite is.. I never really chose, it is an episode to episode thing. AND I loved the finale. A lot of people are not happy with it, but I think it is genius, watching it and figuring out what was happening and the ...meaning of it, .. it is one of my favorite memories. As odd as that is. bittersweet goodbye. more sweet though.


Sundays I usually watch Extreme Home Makeover. I would love to be a part of that show.

Mondays I watch How I Met Your Mother & Gossip Girl
I just got into How I Met Your Mother a couple months ago and since it is a sitcom I caught up really fast. It is an entertaining show with a lot of surprisingly useful life tips.
& Gossip Girl... a guilty pleasure. I could live without it, it is just..gossip. and fashion. for those who do watch it, I root for Team Dan & Serena, & Team Chuck & Blair. I despise Jenny, I do not care if "the eastside changed her," a good person would not change. Same goes with Vanessa.

Tuesday I watch Glee & Life Unexpected.
More guilty pleasures.
Glee is just.... well if you watch it you know, it is Glee. A 1 hour musical sitcom. A lot of it is not to be taken seriously(as in the acting), it is meant to be cheesy & a little odd, watch an interview. It brightens my day.
Life Unexpected... entertainment. Girl was put up for adoption as a baby, never got adopted, finds biological parents at 16 and they all become a slightly dysfunctional family. I am loving the Lux story line right now. & Base.

Thursdays I watch The Vampire Diaries & Grey's Anatomy. I did watch Project Runway, but that season ended.
The Vampire Diaries.... hands down better than Twilight if you want to compare vampire media. Nina Dobrev is playing TWO personalities and Kristen Stewart does not have ONE. I think Damon should be with Elena(my heart aches a little during every episode this season..poor guy) & Stephan should be with Katherine. (I am sure this reference goes further back, but it is the one for my age group) It is the Dawson's Creek theory, the bad guy gets the good girl bc that is the only girl he will ever truly love because his heart is damaged, however the good guy can find someone else. true story.
Grey's Anatomy... How amazing was the finale of last season? i actually stopped watching Grey's Anatomy until a week before the finale and my mom and I spend a lot of time catching up online. I got her into the show from that & the reruns on lifetime.

and... that is all?.. I guess so. I am very upset that Heroes was canceled. & Flashforward was supposed to fill that hole that Lost left me, and then it was canceled!!! WHYYYY.. Well, because it had a crappy timeslot. If it had V's timeslot it would have gotton much better ratings because most people who watched Lost would have watched Flashforward after, but nooo. & for that reason I am anti-V. It is a decent show, but it took Flashforward away...
I sound like a bitter person. I promise I am not. I am a sweet person.

Oh! and I WAS a huge One Tree Hill fan, but I do not watch in anymore. seasons 1-6, excellent. Then they had to take away the epic couple of all current television and ruined it for me.
A couple other canceled shows I own on dvd include Tru Calling and Joan of Arcadia. girly supernatural shows.

& Carrie Underwood's purple dress she is wearing right now on CMA's is GORGEOUS. One for the books.

That is all for now.

Do you have any suggestions?

Have an enchanted evening!

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