Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gatsby & Day 9

I just read last night that there is going to be a remake of The Great Gatsby!! Ever since I have been in such a jazz age mood (yeah, its a mood) and I want to break out my copy of The Great Gatsby.

I want this publication!!!!!!!!!!!! A new hunt, now every time I see a used bookstore, I will go in searching for this.

30 day challenge
Day 9 : favorite places to eat

Well my favorite type of food is Italian. Unfortunately Italian restaurants are super expensive so I rarely eat at them, and prefer home cooked Italian over the places I have ate at (especially over Olive Garden. yuck.) soo... my # 1 favorite place to eat is home.

2nd favorite is Chick-fil-A. Best fast food chicken & amazing milkshakes!

3th favorite is Panera. My favorite from there is the tomato soup. & asiago bread.

4th is a tie between Subway & Firehouse.

5th is Chinese, which is really limited to just my love for sweet & sour chicken with white rice. I like most Chinese take out places.

I really want to try more local places, especially since I live in a college town there are a lot of unique restaurants, however I am poor & really do not eat out unless I go home for the weekend.

Have an enchanting evening!

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