Tuesday, November 16, 2010

day 8 : magazines

Magazines! I love magazines!

They ones I read every issue of:
Marie Claire
Real Simple

I recently picked up the fall issue of The Nest & I think it is really neat. it is supposed to be a couples magazine, made by the same people who make The Knot, but it has a lot of fun tips for homes & such, which is my favorite.

Occasionally I will pick up Nylon, BOHO, Bust, Elle Decor, or Dwell.

My all time favorite magazine is Domino, however it was canceled a couple years ago, I was devastated. It needs to come back.
I also wish they would bring back Blueprint, which was extremely similar to Domino (except domino was better!) and it was canceled a little bit before Domino. I feel like they canceled each other out or something. It makes me sad.

A tip for those who read a lot of magazines like me but do not want to throw them away:
buy clear sheet protectors and binders and go through your magazines and rip out pages you want to keep (& the cover too). I currently have 5 binders, 1 each for interior design, fashion, tips from Real Simple, recipes, and travel. I need more binders because my interior design & fashion ones are too full. I do keep a couple full issues in tact, September issues mainly, & all the Domino issues that I had not torn up before they went under (about 10)

have an enchanting day!

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