Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 1: photo of myself and 15 facts

okay I am aware of the dorky myspace style of the photo, though it is the most recently one taken. I took this photo at my apartment after I was finished getting ready and waiting to go to a local museum event.

15 facts
1. I am 19, I will be 20 January 30th (less than 3 months!)
2. I am a 2nd-year college student. I basically go to community college, though it is one of them that "community" out of the title because they offer a lot of bachelor degrees now, just not mine, so I will be transferring next summer. I am on the border of architecture and interior design as my major. Cannot choose but it is an ok place to be since the 1st year of each is basically the same so I have time to decide.
3. I was working for said mentioned museum event above. I volunteer with other college students to plan activities and such to make the museum events more entertaining.
4. I live just a little over an hour away from home and visit more than any college student who does not live at home. I love my family.
5. I have one sibling, a 21 year old brother & he is one of my best friends. We are also the only people I know who still love to hang out with their married, biological, parents and are not at all embarrassed to walk around the mall with them.
6. I am unemployed and hating the lack of money. Praying I get hired somewhere for at least the holiday season
7. Speaking of holiday season, I love this time of year! It is my FAVORITE! November 1st-January 1st = the best. I love autumn and leaves changing and pumpkin everything, and Thanksgiving, and I love Christmas and the weeks leading up to it and my home during Christmastime and winter and the new year.
8. I am a Christian but I do not go to church. I have been so turn off from church, however, I wish I could find a place a like and call the people there family.
9. I am really bad at answering my phone calls and texts. half the time my phone is in a different room than me and I will not see things until hours after. Part of it is to blame on my phone because sometimes it will not ring or vibrate or anything but then I get notification of a missed call and voicemail. I keep meaning to talk to my provider about that but then it works again so I never have.....
10. If I get an idea for my future wedding/house/baby room/name, I will write it down.
11. I love going into Borders and Barnes&Noble and spend hours writing down names of books I want and then later adding them to my ever growing amazon wishlist. My favorite "novel" section is the suggestions from employees, there are always books I have never heard of. & I love the architecture/interior design/craft/sewing section. To give you a picture : My amazon wishlist tally
68 Architecture/Interior Design books
99 CDS
23 Childrens books
21 cookbooks
42 Craft/Sewing books
31 Graphic Novels
74 Misc. "coffee table" books
131 Movies/TV on dvd
112 Novels (thats all?....huh)
No I did not just count those, I actually have them all divided up in categories like that, for purposes of when I actually have money it makes it easier to look.
I do buy books from actual bookstores when I really want it & have money or it is not cheaper on amazon.
12. I love coffee and tea but I get lazy about making it. Teavana is my favorite place for tea, no need to add sugar because it is so great on its own, at least what I get. & I am not that picky about coffee except I hate when it is so weak it taste like hot water. Right now I am loving my pumpkin creamer.
13. I wish to one day travel the world (who doesn't?) I was a navy brat for 14 years of my life, so I have seen a bit of the US and the border of Mexico, but I want to see so much more.
14. I love fashion and fashion magazines and Project Runway & ANTM & I only watched The Hills & The City for the fashion world part, & I embarrassingly watch those youtube "guru" girls. In that sense I am a girly girl.
15. I have an etsy shop but I am really bad at being consistent with it. I sort of stopped for the same reasons I stopped blogging, I just feel that I am not original enough. Everything in my shop is something I make because it is something I would wear, but I am sure there is something just like it out there, or similar. and while everything I say in my blog is my thoughts, I am aware that others thing and blog similar things, so what makes my shop and me special? I am working on that.

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