Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge

Okay, since I clearly have abandoned my blog, I have decided to get back into it by creating a habit of it with the 30 Day Blog Challenge. I have seen a couple people do this but just commit to 30 days of writing, well I need guidelines to stick to it so I Googled "30 Day Blog Challenge" and found a few different lists and have integrated them into my own picking out my favorites.

Day 1. a photo of yourself and 15 facts
2. favorite television shows
3. favorite movies
4. a song to match your mood today
5. favorite quote
6. favorite books
7. favorite commercials
8. favorite magazines
9. favorite place to eat
10. dream wedding
11. what's in your purse?
12. goals
13. dream house
14. meaning behind blog name
15. celebrity crush
16. Christmas wishlist (because it is that time of year)
17. pets
18. dream cities to live in
19. the last thing that made you cry
20. a recipe
21. favorite youtube videos
22. favorite art pieces
23. a website
24. a photo you took
25. places you want to travel to
26. celebrity styles you admire
27. something that stresses you out
28. dream jobs
29. what would you do if you won the lottery
30. three (selfish) wishes & three (selfless) wishes
31. (ok I made it 31) what did you learn on over the 30 days, plans for future blogging?

In addition to the blog topics I am going to try to challenge myself to commit to a photo a day (one that I took that day) to get my into the habit of pulling my camera out of my purse.

I challenge you to do the same.

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