Saturday, December 4, 2010


Goals for the week:
Study and do well on all exams.
Turn in my "grammar quizzes" and essay revisions.
Finish the sewing my Christmas gift projects
clean room
clean car
go home

Goals for the next year:
Get into to the College of Design for Architecture at the University of Florida.
Get a job.
If I get into UF, finally sign up to be a "Big Sister" for Big Brother Big Sister, since I can guarantee I will be here for at least one year.
Volunteer more in general.
Continue to eat healthy and work out more ( a lot more) and get my jean size down to a single digit. (I currently wear between 12 and 14 depending on the brand)
Improve my sewing skills.
Improve my crochet skills. or learn to knit.

Goals for the next 10 years:
Get my undergrad degree at UF for Architecture. Get my masters somewhere up north. Preferably University of Cincinnati or anywhere in New England.
Get a career.
Be married.

Goals for life:
Have a wonderful married life with 2-4 kids.
If we can afford it, foster or adopt a child.
Turn at least one beautiful, run-down/trashed building into something new.
Open up a small store and sell only handmade items. Open it up to local artists and writers to sell their things also.
travel the world
Make a difference.
Be happy.

What are your goals?

Have an enchanting day!

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