Thursday, May 13, 2010

Be Still My Heart

Tomorrow I am embarking on an adventure with my mom to West Palm, a trip we have made a hundred times before, but this time is for something magical: to help prep for final week before my cousin's wedding, in which I am a bridesmaid. Beyond thrilled!!!!

For a quickie I am just going to leave you with some of my favorite photos in my "inspiration" folder.

The HAIR!!! Pearl Harbor harbors some of my most inspiring fashion.

STARDUST! I would like to visit Stormhold

=D Big Fish

Penelope! hate the dress, love her room(and the rest of the movie) so enchanting

Who was not inspired by this year's Winter Olympics? The opening ceremony was incredible. I want one of those beanies sssossssssooososososo bad

A photo many of us have seen... adorable little stubborn girl. I know how it feels, my dad was in the navy up until I was 14, served 22 years.

My girl. I have this in a collage, framed on my wall, the original from the ElleGirl issue.

Omgosh I could go on and on about this photos and all the others from that Teen Vogue shoot. I am so in love with them, the fashion, the sets, the girl in the photos.

rawr, ok while I love these photos, they are not my favorite of all favorites. I forgot that I have yet to retrieve my old photos from my dad - had computer issues a few months ago and he completely redid my laptop, reloaded windows, etc... and had to transfer all my files to his computer, which I have yet to get all back. He says my pictures will take hours, so when I was just home visiting I did not feel like dealing with it, but now that I am home for the summer.... rescue mission.
the main thing I am missing is my architect/interior design photos....and a lot of other misc things.

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