Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am an avid Netflix user, have been for a couple years now. I go through at least one movie a week. Here is what I recently watched:

(click poster to watch trailer)

I really wanted to see this when it came out in theaters last year, because part of the profit went to.....saving the animals...(?) but I sadly did not make it and I am just watch it for the first time this weekend.
Things I love from this movie that you will too:
-skiless skiing polar bears
-falling with style baby ducks
-beautiful, mind-blowing landscapes
-watching a monkey stuff his mouth with was many fruit-things as possible.
-birds of paradise! its not just a plant?
-I love elephants, my favorite, but that part just depressed me
-many other miraculous things

This is available to watch instantly right now. I really enjoyed this, it was like Devil Wears Prada, sans romance storyline and it was real! I was really upset about Grace's 20s spread being cut so much, I LOVED it. thankfully I looked up the photographer who inspired her and have his book in my Amazon wishlist (someday.....) I also googled back issues of the magazine(September 2007) and on amazon you can not get it for less than $100!!!!!! INSANE! I could kick my 16 year old self for not buying this.

In case you did not know, they are coming out with a sort of sequel of Earth, called Oceans. It comes out on Earth Day this year, April 22nd, which is a week from Thursday. I am going to see it!
welp, I was going to post the trailer but they disabled embedding(they are just being jerks aren't they?), so here is the link : Oceans, it is actually the "teaser trailer" but I love it, it is enough for me.

All for now
Have an enchanting day!

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