Saturday, April 10, 2010

Color Me Neutral

Neutral is in even though it is the season of floral.
I made a treasury but it expires on Tuesday, and this....never does.
so here is what I found:

take a snapshot! manthropology

Aviation dress by THIMBLEandACORN (I am not only awed by this dress, but by the name of the shop! ssooooo cute! Peter Pan is my favorite disney movie)

vintage pecan cutout leather heels by DearGoldenVintage

Ruffles! I wish this vintage blazer from thelasthurrah fit me

upcycled fedora by ginchymillinery

If I were getting married, my bridesmaids would be walking in this dress by Nostalgia

whether for a party or to brighten(or tone down) a room, this garland by MaisyandAlice is a must have

can you saw aaaww. so sweet. the headband is from BannerBoutique

I want these on my feet! how adorable are they?
FromEarthToSky - she currently has not made a sale so show her some love!

I am sure we have all seen cabochons by now but I just love these four together. great photo.

jumpers!!very in, very cute. katemdot

check that beard! take me away sailor! ok but this is about the shirt, not the guy in it. cute little badger, in a suit.. and top hat...riding a bike?.... LOVE it! darkcycleclothing

incredible lighting. sweater from VonlenskaVintage

Check out this neutral room! I want it.
Tree wall decal from WowWall

simple, chic, vintage bangle from CacheJunkie

I love this photo! Sailboat sweater-vest from paiselyfacevintage

Elephants!!!! lovelovelove those African mammals, though have a place in my heart.
shirt from dahliasoleil

hope you enjoyed!!!
Have an enchanting day!

<3 Katelynn

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