Sunday, April 3, 2011

Katelynn Goes to Europe

Hi Everyone!
So a couple weeks ago I decided to join my professor on a trip to Europe in May 2012. It is one of those EF Tours. We will be going to Rome, Florence, and Paris! All of which thrill me to know end. I smile everything I remember " I am going to Europe!" Even if it is a year away, I love knowing that I really will be going there and it is not just a dream anymore.

Here is a look at my "itinerary" if you are curious.
(pfff well I tried uploading a screen print I took of the page, but it comes out too small. lame. I'll just copy&paste)

Day 1
- Fly overnight to Italy

Day 2 - Rome
Arrive in Rome

Day 3
- Rome
Take a guided tour of Rome
Visit the Colosseum
Visit the Forum Romanum

Day 4
- Rome
Take a guided tour of Vatican City
Visit the Sistine Chapel
Visit St. Peter’s Basilica
Optional: Caravaggio art tour

Day 5
- Rome • Assisi • Florence
Visit the Basilica of St. Francis
Continue to Florence

Day 6
- Florence
Take an art-themed walking tour of Florence with an expert local guide*
Visit the Accademia

Day 7
- Florence
Visit the Uffizi
Board an overnight train to Paris

Day 8
- Paris
Arrive in Paris
Take a guided tour of Paris:

  • Place de la Concorde
  • Champs-Élysées
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Les Invalides
Visit Notre Dame Cathedral

Day 9
- Paris
Take a guided tour of the Louvre with an expert local guide
Visit an atelier*

Day 10
- Paris
Take a guided tour of the Museé d’Orsay with an expert local guide
Optional: Giverny

Day 11
- Depart for home So if you have been there before and have tips, please feel free to share.
The only people I know going so far are my professor and a lady from my drawing class. Both I know will be a riot to travel with.
I have decided to opt out of the optional excursions because 1)they cost a tad extra & 2) so I will have more personal time to explore/do as I please.
While in Paris I really want to find one of the stores that sells Belle&Boo stuff. That is just one thing on a long (mental) list of places I want to go. Definitely will be going into used bookstores. I will blog much more about all I want to do there. It is unfortunate that it is so short of a trip, but it will help when I want to go back again because this is all planned out by someone else and I will learn a lot while there.

This trip will cost about $3,400. $3115 for program fees. $145 for required traveler's insurance. $135 for a passport. I am trying to save and plan to pay it all by myself, but, if you would like to help me, that would mean so much to me.
Here is a link to donate to my Europe fund. You can donate as small as you like if you choose. every tiny bit adds up and helps.

Another way to help is to buy something from my etsy shop. so you get something in return. I will be adding much more to my shop over the next week so look out for that.


  1. haha. This says it was posted Sunday April 3rd (Today is April 13th) because I drafted it then but have not gotten around to posting it until now.

  2. YYeeyyyy you won a 'Royal Wedding Poster' for your brilliant idea.

    Thank you so much for your interest in Belle & Boo we really appreciate it.

    Please can you send me your address.

    Mandy x