Sunday, April 3, 2011

back. again

Once again, worst.blogger.ever.
I was doing so well in November. I want to get back to that.

Current events in my life:

-I got into the University of Florida for Architecture!!!!!!!! aaaah! I still cannot believe it. I have orientation April 15th and I start May 9th. (I only have one week break after I graduate/get my AA from SFC)

-I renewed my lease and decided to paint my apartment. Will definitely be putting up before and after pictures for that.

-I have decided to get back into a good excise routine. Debating whether or not to blog about exercise and healthy eating. Maybe if I have success after this month I will.

-Now that I am into UF and know I will be living here for at least another 3 years, I am on a serious job hunt. So far I have filled out online applications for Starbucks, Target, Fresh Market, Subway, and CVS. 2 of which I just did this morning. All places I am familiar with and would be thrilled to work at. I NEED a job. to live. Considering I pay for my college/rent/food/etc.. Since UF is more expensive than Santa Fe, I can no longer just live off my extra financial aid.
Plus I want something productive to do.

- Next weekend (9&10th) is the Spring Arts Festival and I will be selling my jewelry and other things at the art club's booth. I will be working frantically this week to have more items and I want to make things to decorate the booth with so it will be more appealing.

-I have been debating whether or not to start a youtube channel. Well I have an account, but I want to make videos.

-Last but certainly not least, I have decided to go to Europe next summer (2012). Will blog about this next for more information.

Oh & arrg, my webcam does not work bc I had to reload Windows and I cannot find the disc to reload the webcam software.

Have an enchanting day!

(PS. please comment. need encouragement. I feel like I am talking to myself)


  1. Congratulations on uni and all your resolutions and blogging and your jewellry and what kind of videos - you seem like me - into many things. sometimes people say i spread myself too thin and i should concentrate on one thing at a time blah blah blah but I don't work like that - What about you?

  2. haha, yeah. That is me as of lately. I have so much school work because it is the last month so I have been busy with that and other things. I do a lot. At the same time I also enjoy my lazy downtime of reading magazines, books, blogs, watching movies and tv. etc... and pursing hobbies of jewelry crafting and such.